Comprehensive Strategy
Full Brand Vision
Redefine + re-imagine what’s possible for your business.

what it is:

Comprehensive Strategy is a unique intensive that seamlessly transforms your brand from the inside-out, creating an elevated foundation that positions you and your business for exponential growth.

Through six one-on-one private sessions combined with some deep-diving homework, we will get clear on what makes YOU unique and then craft your visual + brand messaging strategy from the ground up. This is your opportunity to create a solid foundation based on your personal story.

When your strategy fits like a glove, your personality shines through and your unique qualities rise to the top. In a field of many options, you become distinguishable as the ONE AND ONLY.

THE OUTCOME FROM OUR TIME TOGETHER: An undeniable sense of clarity, confidence and focus. And even better, the road map to actually make the vision you have for your future self and business a reality.

what it includes:

  • A bird’s eye view of your brand before you invest in copy, brand design and photography to ensure maximum cohesion.
  • A refined clarity in who you are as a brand and what sets you apart in your space as a person and as a business.
  • A clear strategy that positions you uniquely in your space and helps you to achieve your desired business goals and impact.
  • A clear and compelling message that will appeal to your ideal people.
  • Unique storylines that will appeal and relate to your ideal clients. They can inform everything from your bio to the about page on your website to the conversation that you have on social media.
  • A personalized creative concept / angle that will unite and inform all creative decisions for your brand.
  • A defined brand visual language and voice that will ensure cohesion as you bring your brand to life in your website, photos and copy.
  • The opportunity to build your brand intentionally (versus leaving your reputation to chance).

who it's for:

Business owners who want to establish a foundational vision for their brand BEFORE investing in creative services. Gaining clarity and alignment as you up-level is a priority. You value rock-solid strategy to protect your investment before investing in copy, brand design, photography and a website.

kind words

I attract much higher quality leads than before.

I went from having a brand that didn’t really connect well my target client to having an online presence that helps me stand out as an authority in a crowded space.

From my website to my email optin freebies, I now look like the expert that I am.

Dayana Mayfield

I feel very confident in moving forward with my business!

I had just recently hired another designer to update my website but it was very cut and paste, and visually wasn’t flowing.

But with Ivory Adler, I received great feedback from users and achieved my goal of looking more professional and getting visitors to want to learn more about what I do.

Marisa Lupo

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